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Rob is sought after for treatment of subtle lameness, one sidedness, unevenness and riding issues in horses including performance related issues.

While rapid responses are commonly seen to acupuncture and manipulative treatment it is important to remember that the health and wellbeing of a horse depends on the interplay of a number of factors. In order to achieve the best long term results the following must all be addressed:


   > Body pain or injury - Is the horse in pain? Is there a physical reason for the poor performance or poor behaviour? Techniques such as acupuncture, manipulation (I personally use osteopathic and gentle myofascial based techniques), miHealth therapy or even natural products like joint supplements are all ways of treating pain and injury in the horse. They are effective in their own right but need to be reinforced.

   > Reinforcers -

          - Dental - How long since your horse's teeth have been done? It is recommended to have a dental check up by a professional (equine dentist every 12 months

          - Saddle - Does your saddle fit your horse? Every saddle needs to be fitted to every horse. Have a professional do this for you. Saddle fit is an interplay between horse, saddle and rider so any changes in any of these three factors will affect your saddle fit. For example changes in body weight and shape of rider or horse may put out your saddle fit and have nothing to do with the saddle itself.

           - Feet - Feet should be addressed every 6 weeks (this can vary horse to horse but is a good 'average' guide). This may be a trimming or a shoeing. I personally don't believe any horse should be lame after any foot work for more than 48-72 hours. Shoeing/trimming ability varies greatly between practitioners and as the old saying goes 'no hoof no horse' it has never been more true

            - Nutrition - How is the horse's diet? Is it balanced? is there anything lacking? Is the back pain coming from weak muscles due to an inadequate diet? Does your horse have a dietary intolerance that could be causing the chronic ulcers or gut pain? Nutrition is integral to a sound and happy horse.
 To use another age old saying 'we are what we eat.'



Conditions Rob can help your horse with:


1. Arthritis & chronic joint injuries

2. Neck, back & pelvic issues (spinal)

3. Gut ulcers (Rob's examination includes a gut ulcer assessment)

4. Behavioural problems (bucking, pig rooting, girthiness)

5. Performance related issues

6. Ligament and tendon injuries

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