Small Animal

Rob is sought after predominantly for his ability to help dogs with arthritis as well as spinal and post surgical pain.


Rob has a number of treatment options including joint supplements and arthritis injections specific to his practice and is often called upon when regular veterinary treatments are no longer helping.

Rob allows 1 hour for the first appointment and 30 mins for follow ups or revisits in the clinic.

Over the past 8 years Rob has worked hard to make available world leading natural supplements (nutraceuticals) to his patients; he has natural treatment options for arthritis, brain ageing and senility and anxiety just to name a few.

More recently Rob has been offering a new stem cell treatment for dogs (& cats) that has seen some excellent results for conditions such as arthritis, spinal injuries and post orthopaedic surgery pain in dogs.


Common conditions treated:

1. Arthritis

2. Spinal pain

3. Post surgical pain & mobility issues

4. Disc prolapse and paralysis (IVDD)

5. Urinary incontinence

6. Epilepsy

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